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These are products which are being produced according to significant and strict specification which are originated by European legislature who regulates the production, proceed and commerce of organic products. The abidance of these specifications, is being controlled by approved Organizations for the Control and Certification of Organic Products (eg BIO Hellas) who are entrusted with the task of controlling and certifying bio products.
In order to bring a product to bear on the bio production method, it is necessary to check the entire manufacturing process and to certify the final product by the approved Audit & Certification Authority.

The products that can be indicated in the organic production method, according to the European legislation are the following: Processed or not agricultural products (fruits, vegetables, honey, energy plants eg sunflower, fiber plants, eg cotton, eggs, meat, live animals, etc.) Processed agricultural products for use as food (eg bread, jam, margarine, cheese, olive oil, etc.) Feed (hay, cereal, etc.) Herbal multiplicative (seed, seedlings, etc.) Aquaculture products Seaweed. Categories of organic products are two: Organic Farming Products in Transitional Stage. These are products of plant origin only, which are produced on parcels "under conversion to organic farming". On these parcels, the principles of organic farming are applied for a period of at least one year, thus ensuring the absence of pesticide residues in the final product. Organic Agriculture Products. These products are produced after the parcel or the herd has undergone the conversion stage which is at least 2 years (for crops with an annual biological cycle) or 3 years (for perennial crops) in the case of plant products, whereas in the case of animal products, this period is 6 weeks (eggs), 10 weeks (chickens) or 6 months (meat, milk).

The two above categories of bio products also apply to processed products. In particular, organic products include processed products consisting of at least 95% bio farming ingredients. Processed Organic Agriculture Products in a Transitional Stage, consist of one component in a Transitional Stage.
Processed bio products may be used with additives, auxiliaries and conventional ingredients only if permitted under European organic law.

With regard to processed products, the European Regulation (Reg. 834/07) provides for the production of conventional food using certain organic raw materials. In this case, however, the list of ingredients of the product should clearly indicate what the biological component is and what percentage it is contained in the conventional food, and under no circumstances can it be called organic food. It is worth mentioning that for products (eg fabrics, clothes, cosmetics) which are not covered by European legislation governing the production and marketing of organic products, private standards have been developed by Organisms for the Control and Certification of Organic Products, mainly abroad, through which can be certified as organic. Agrostar collects and provide to you excellent quality of bio products. See more below:

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Bio Corn

We provide Bio Corn of high quality in any quantity you might want to.

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Bio Wheat

We offer bio wheat for the production of flour, animal feed, plus also the production of alcoholic beverages.

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Bio Barley

Agrostar provides bio barley in any kind of quantity you want.

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Bio Legumes

Great quality of bio legumes such as beans, lentils, chickpeas, peas and others in very reasonable prices.