Agricultural Products Receipts

Agrostar Agricultural and trading company

Counting at least ten years experience on agricultural commercing, our enterprise receives wheats from farmers with directness, cordiality and primarily honesty. We are fully available to you if you want to learn more about the process of receiving wheats, by contacting with us. Having as a mindset the provision of service which characterizes by honesty, cordiality and directness,we receive the quantities you desire.

You may contact with us in order to learn more about how we receive corn and wheat.

In our facilities we accomplish receipts of cotton seedlings via our exclusive collaboration with the most advanced ginning plants of Greece. Our collaborator, take action into the section of cotton ginning, in production of cottonseed oil and cotton towel, as also in commercing cotton, grains and animals provender.

We guarantee the highest price and instant disbursement.If you are interested you may contact with us for further information.